Shock and Strut Replacement

Restore Handling and Ride Quality with Shock & Strut Replacement in Albuquerque

Whether you're strictly a highway commuter or an off-road junkie, you rely on your shocks and struts to smooth out bumps, keep tires in contact with the road, and manage weight transfer as the car changes direction. If you're experiencing handling or ride quality issues, visit Larry H. Miller Casa Chrysler Jeep in Albuquerque and let our team of experts take a look at your shocks and struts.

How Shocks & Struts Work

Your shocks and struts are part of a two-cylinder system that relies on hydraulic pressure to maintain both ride quality and handling. When you go over a bump, the system compresses temporarily to absorb the shock, but that hydraulic pressure quickly restores your wheel position back to normal. This prevents bouncing and keeps your tire in contact with the road.

When Shocks & Struts Fail

Over time, a number of issues can cause leakage of the fluid in the shock and strut system. However, the cause of the leak isn't as important as much as how much fluid is left inside the shock reservoir. At first, you may not notice much of a difference. However, as more fluid is lost you may notice your vehicle bounces for an extra split-second after going over a bump, or there's more 'lean' than normal when changing direction or braking. If any of these are occurring with your vehicle, it is time to visit our service center for new shocks or struts as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Shock & Strut Replacement Appointment Today!

If you think your Chrysler or Jeep may be in need of shock or strut replacement, make an appointment with our Albuquerque service center. Just use our online service scheduling form to pick the time that works best for you.



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