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Your car battery is one of the easier parts on your vehicle to take for granted - until it suddenly fails on you. Only when you turn the key and your engine doesn't start do you remember that your battery is what gets your vehicle going each day, and then you're scrambling to figure out your ride to work that morning. However, bringing your vehicle to Larry H. Miller Mesa Chrysler Jeep in Albuquerque will allow us to periodically check your battery so you know ahead of time when you'll need a replacement.

Car & Truck Batteries

While car and truck batteries typically work in the same way, there are slight differences between the two in advanced warning signs before they fail completely. For example, running the air conditioning and headlights at the same time isn't normally an issue with a car battery, but if the headlights dim when the compressor kicks on, that's a sign your battery needs attention.

Similar tests can be run on truck batteries, but the true test is if you have a winch or external lights installed. Even if you find your standard bed light to be dimmer than normal, that could be a sign that your battery is low on power. Furthermore, if trailer lights are malfunctioning or turn signals are blinking erratically, that could also be a sign your vehicle is low on voltage thanks to a dying battery.

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With regular checkups at our Albuquerque service center, you can ensure that your battery is always up to the task of getting you up and running each morning. Schedule your appointment to let our experts take care of your vehicle today!


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